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Villa Shorea: near wilderness experience

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A view from their common dining area, it is quite breathtaking and pleasant when sitting there having breakfast.
Truth be told, when I arrived I was ill-planned and ill-informed. I was not aware this place is going to be naturally cooled throughout the place, i.e. no air con, until a day before arrival. We always love a good family gathering, this place works out perfectly for us. It can accommodate many people at the same time and have ample space for everyone to sit together and chat.

Don't expect your Starwood points to be of any use in this remote area. The villa is located deep inside some remote village, around the edge of some forest. Leaving the villa compound can be quite tricky, it involves exiting from the gate that requires key from the local residents and it's usually locked. You can put away the thought about driving out to buy necessities especially in the middle of the night, we have no idea who to ask to have the gate open too.
One of the many villas available. Villa Shorea is currently the biggest that can accommodate the most number of occupants. One of the cons with this villa is the common kitchen is next to it, so you will be disturbed not just the noise from the kitchen but also the smell.
Looking out from one of our windows. Everything look so serene and calm. The noisy cicadas and crickets will be the only music that will accompany your stay throughout.
You might wonder since we're staying out in the open, we might get mozzies attack but to our surprise, we didn't get any of that. Flying insects may not be an issue but creepy crawlies can be. We experienced an attack by the red ants army in one of the bathrooms in Villa Shorea. Not something you can easily spot with their dim yellow lighting especially at night.

The temperature at night though, is something you need not worry about. One of the nights here, we experienced a heavy rain fall in the evening and the temperature became quite chilly at night. I had to wear my thick jacket to sleep.
One of the helpers hired from around the area. The villa offers in house cooking so that you need not worry about your meals. This is also part of their way to create job opportunities for the villagers around here. I have only tried their breakfast spread and I think it's quite a good try.
A different view that makes me wonder if I will see a Godzilla of some sort coming out from their hiding tonight.
One of my favourite things to do, sitting on the bed by the window.
One of the chandeliers that I have no idea why I'm fascinated with it but I really like the idea of high ceiling. It makes the whole place seems bigger. Over here, if you are a fan of Ikea, you will easily see that a lot of the loose fittings are actually bought from there.
In between our villa and Villa Bougainvillea, is a swimming pool. The pool can be shared by all guests that stay there. We also rented the opposite villa but it's much smaller. Suitable for couple or small family.
This place has a picturesque view in the morning and can certainly capture lots of likes and shares on your Facebook. There are also fast developing the surrounding with more villas to cater for more demands. I suppose that is a good indication of how good this place is but I certainly hope they will retain as much of their nature as possible because that's the very reason why we are there.

Villa Shorea // Kampung Pantai, Jalan Jelebu, Seremban // Open daily

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